Education is huge to all of us at Tusa Show Cattle. When Jacob was in college, he worked for Lorna Pelton in College Station and helped out with her Pride Livestock camps in the summer. He realized how much help families needed with their projects. It was at these camps that Jacob met the Wilson family. Little did he know the impact this family would have on the future of Tusa Show Cattle. Dana Wilson was attending camp with her son, Charlie. She needed extra help because she couldn’t hear and Jacob spent extra time with her and Charlie - from that point forward, the Wilson’s became family. They have made a huge impact in all of our lives. Charlie Wilson passed away just before his high school graduation in April of 2008. He was a friend, like a brother and like a son to all of us. We dedicate all of our clinics and events in his memory. We will always continue to carry his spirit and legacy with us.

"It wasn't for the buckles, it wasn't for the ribbons; it was for all the friendships and character that I gained along the way."

— In memory of Charles W. Wilson III (1989-2008)


In the summer of 2009, we felt a desire to begin camps to help our show families. We hosted these summer camps until 2013 where we decided we had outgrown our camps and we were tired of the heat! Therefore, we came up with the idea of a fall retreat. A spin-off of our past summer camps, this retreat offers a weekend full of hands-on educational experience for both today’s youth and their parents. All participants are given the opportunity to gain a better knowledge on important topics revolving around their show projects from well-known industry leaders to highly regarded academic professionals. Guest speakers provide their insight on topics such as daily care, feeding and nutrition, showmanship, grooming/fitting, health maintenance, ethics, livestock evaluation, Texas Majors and more.

The majority of the time with the youth is spent on showmanship. The retreat features a jackpot showmanship competition and a separate buckle competition where division winners receive BELT BUCKLES (1st place) & SCHOLARSHIPS (top 3) & PRIZES (top 10)!

Since its inception in 2013, we have awarded over $80,000 in scholarships and $40,000 in prizes over the past six years through our retreats.

The retreat is open to current and past clients of Tusa Show Cattle, as well as past camp participants and individuals who have requested to attend (based on space and availability).

Tusa Fall 2021 Retreat

November 20-21, 2021 in Cameron, Texas at the Milam County Youth Expo Building.


Tusa Show Cattle offers Team Tusa Showmanship Clinics at various times during the year. These are a half day clinic focusing strictly on showmanship skills for youth ages 8 and up.

Showmanship Lessons

Tusa Show Cattle offers private showmanship lessons. Ingrid Tusa and Kalli Tusa are available for these lessons at a 30 minute or 60 minute fee. Please contact us for more information and availability!

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